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Saturday, 1 October 2011


Went shopping with the girls today, spent about 100quid on baring anything. You know it's scary how easily you could spend money, magazines, drinks etc it all adds up haha. I guess I burned a load of callories walking around the shops for hours on end. Even tho I was shopping today I couldnt help but feel low, I still cant see results from my weight loss. How quickly should it take for your trousers to just be a little bit too big? I am eating no more than 400 caloires a day, what am I doing wrong? Maybe I should try some diet pills, I wouldnt have a clue what ones to buy and what ones work haha. Tbh I feel pretty useless atm :/ 


  1. It takes a while, when I first reached my lowest weight it had taken at least a month of eating nothing and exercising all day to lose 10 lbs and on my body it was only about an inch on the thighs. Diet pills are complete shit btw I haven't found any that are very effective.

  2. Just stay focused :-) how long have you been restricting and how much have you lost? Try to steer clear of diet pills.... It's better to get there on your own :-) thanks for following. It might be a while before I post again. <3

  3. Thank you :) For three and a half weeks, not sure umm about 6 pounds, it's not very good haha :/