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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

I want a gap between my thighs

I have decided I am going to continue with this ABC diet until there is enough of a gap between my thighs that I am happy with. Of course this is going to take ages as my thighs are oddly proportioned to the rest of my body (their huge !)  The good thing is my mother thinks I am eating at school and then when I come home I continue with "I ate a big lunch" and go straight to my room to revise. My mother is happy as long as  I'm happy and dieting makes me happy so why should she worrie? I think thats what her and my aunt rowed about today tbh because my Auntie notices every pound lost and every pound gained and can be overly concerned sometimes. I have been keeping my callories down to below 200, I know this is really unhealthy but I have an anniversary to go to at the end of the month and reaaaaallly need to fit into my dress and not look fat in it. I lost an inch off of my waist when I measured this morning so that put me in a pretty good mood when I went into school, which was then crushed when i found out I had maths first period, I was 26" now I'm 25" :D   Anyways, I have a whole evening of revision to do today as I have my exams coming up, Fab. 

Hope everyone is feeling fine,
keep your eye on your goal weight guys, 
lots of loveee :)


  1. Wow! Congratulations on the loss! :)

  2. ahh congrats!! keep posting how the ABC diets going, i was kinda thinking bout doing it, but i dont know...

  3. Thanks, yep I will :) you do see results pretty quickly but it takes a lot of will power :/

  4. Congrats! And good luck with ABC!