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Monday, 17 October 2011

How many calories would you say are in Haribos?

My school's prom is coming up in January and my best friend is stressing as she hasnt found her dress yet, personally I'm not bothered as I plan to lose at least a stone and a half by then; well fingers crossed. I want to look pretty and slim and elegant, although I'd have to have hugeeee heels as I am a dotty 5ft 4. I am planninf to wear black as black is slimming and wont make me look to fat. Anyways I'm addicted to Haribos! The star mix, the tangfastics, any ones haha. I normally have a few a day and by a few I literally mean about 4, say about 40cals>? I add them to my calorie intake so it's hardly cheating, I think :P Lately no matter what I do, how much weight I think I've lost my thighs always stay the same damn size, I'm a 6/8 on top and a 10 on my legs! It looks really odd, I mean their quite toned but still so fat, I just wish they would shrink and be the same size as the top of my body. I'd lovee to be a cheerleader, I love dancing but as I live in Britain we dont really tend to have them over here which is preetty gutting. Had a pretty good day today, I ate one bowl of 50calls soup and Diet Coke, I really need to start drinking more water tho lol. 


  1. wow your proms in jan! thats early, ours are usually round graduation. n yes def try drinking more water, or like tea!! its better for you, and better for your teeth. have you seen what coke does to bone?!?!?! grosss

  2. Yeah I know, we were surprised and all haha. Yep I will, thanks :)

  3. I have the same problem with my legs, they are very large in proportion to the rest of my body because I play soccer and do a lot of running. Drives me nuts!