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Thursday, 13 October 2011


How come every time I fast I always end up crying>? I'm not good when I don't eat, I get really moody and sooo emotional. I have another fast on Saturday on the ABC diet, although I'm planning to stay in all day saturday to revise for my exams, a bit nerdy I know but oh well haha, and my mother is going to be probably staying in too. She WILL notice me not eating, I havent a clue what to do. Are you allowed to swap days around on the abc? Lately I have been getting a reallly bad back, I donno if that's a side effect to not eating or it's just to do with the fact I am hunched over a desk for hours on end every day..... Sorry for my bit of a moan, I really am stumped at what to do. Anyways, I am planning to make Smartie Cookies tomorrow with my little cousin, I wont be able to have any, but at least they'll make her happy :) Dreading it tho as I really hope I've got enough will power to resist them aha. I misss being little and getting excited of the most simplest of things, like swings and big puddles haha and oh yeah, being able to eat what you like, when you like without giving a fuck :P


  1. i dont see why you cant switch days around...i mean you gotta do what works for you!! hmm idk if this works but maybe stay up the nite before or take sleeping pills so you sleep in. like till really late, then youll only have to deal with figuring out what to do for only half a day! =)lol

  2. Maybe try easing into it? I find that whenever I drastically reduce my caloric intake I get moody and I feel hopeless and depressed. Just try cutting back slowly, you won't even notice that you're eating way less. It will just feel normal. No tears to be shed :) Good luck with the ABC, and it's your body girl, you don't have to follow that diet to the T. Just do what feels right.