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Friday, 21 October 2011


So I am well into my fourth week on the ABC diet, tomorrow is my 100 calorie day. Its going alright but tbh I'm struggling to find low calorie foods that I like so I am basically just sticking to 0cal jelly and celery - a balanced diet I know haha. I am seeing results but its just really slow atm. I am still to scared to weigh myself, which is just really shitting as I don't know how much weight I've lost or put on but my clothes are starting to get too big (yay!). If only they all get reaaalllly big then I'd have a perfect excuse to shop for new ones tehe. I thought I would feel really tired and lethargic on this diet but surprisingly I feel great. Somedays I have a bad spell and get slightly depressed but a can of SF red bull usually changes my mood :) Lately I've been super cold, everyone else is fine and I am absolutely freezing, I mean its only October it cant be that chilly right? Anyhow I've resorted to wearing four layers to school now, one including thermals; of course I hate this as it makes me look mega fat and chucky, but it beats being cold I guess :P Tomorrow I'm going into town with my mum to get a dress for my boyfriend's birthday, I'm soooo excited but I havent got a clue what to get. I want to look sexy and confident but not like trashy and cheap.  Hmmm...   

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