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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Personal Tips and Tricks:

These are just of few of some of my Tips and Tricks that have helped me loose weight in the past:
  1. GREEN TEA with just a squeeze of lemon juice, it's really healthy and helps boost your metabolism.
  2. Every month allow a "Cheat Day" where you let yourself eat more than you normally would and it will give your metabolism a boost and keep you motivated for the next month.
  3. Work out twice a day (if you have time), I do 20 minuets of the Bike in the morning and 40 minuets of the Cross Trainer in the afternoon. 
  4. If you do go off track and binge, just fast for the next two days and not weigh as you're mostly going to gain water weight so it won't be an accurate measurement. 
  5. Keep yourself busy! The more time your mind is occupied with other things, the less time you spend thinking about food.
  6. If you find yourself really craving those cookies in the cupboard throw them out! You're not going to go in the bin to get them back. 
  7. Buy an item of clothing two sizes too small and every time you feel a binge coming on, go and try them on.
  8.  On moments of weakness, close your eyes and imagine your self with your perfect body walking along the beach in the summer.

Sorry if any of these are wrong, they are just some personal ones that really help keep me motivated and on track. 

Hope everyone is well xx

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Try again....

So I have been absolutely terrible the last few months with my dieting but from now on I will post every pound lost and (hopefully) not gained haha. I have lost 16lbs on my new diet so far and I think it is going pretty well. I am starting to see some of the results as some of my clothes are too big for me (yay). I am never ever going to let myself get this big again, I absolutely despise it haha. I hope to get really thin by this summer and look super cute in a bikini. Anyways, I hope you all are doing brilliantly on your diets. 

We can do it :) . 

Monday, 15 October 2012


I haven't posted in nearly over a year! So, to some up. I went a bit crazy. My mother had a serious heart problem and had a serious operation. We've been in and out of hospital all year. I did my GCSE's and they were terrifying! I am so fat at the moment. I lost loads of weight, then put it all back on, due to stressful times. I am now doing the 'ABC' diet, although I am eating a bit less than what is suggested. I miss the old me, I wish I was thin again. Any advice out there guys? I could really use a dieting buddy if anyone is interested? I hope you're all doing well, much better than me probably lol.

Be well, stay strong guys.
We're all in this together .... Xxxx


Sunday, 13 November 2011


I have been so busy lately I havent had the time to post. I have been eating so much lately I actually hate myself now, got so many exams and I'm sure I'm depressed :/ Well from today I'm turning it around, I will be so tiny by Christmas I swear it. I'm not allowing myself to eat more than 200 calories a day, I know it's not healthy but I'm desperate. Hope everyone is okay and doing well with their diets

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


What a horrible day yesterday was! I felt really down and depressed and I gave in. I had 2 pieces of pizza, some  chips, haribos and chocolate buttons. Now I actually feel worse than I did yesterday. Great. I dont even want to know how much I gained but I feel hugeeeeeeeeee. Yesterdays binge was so not worth all the hassle I feel today. At least I know now I wont be doing that again for a long time, I'm pretty sure the next time I eat like that will be Christmas. So to make up for being so stupidly weak I am fasting all day today and only eating 80 calories tomorrow and for the rest of the week. Tomorrow on my ABC diet I'm supposed to have 800 calories - Like hell am I doing that. My lack of self control yesterday is embarrasing. My aunt came down again today and she said I was looking thinner ! I dont know how I fell the size of a truck. Anyways, sorrry for such a depressing post, I just seriously needed to get this off my chest.

Hopefully everyone is doing better than me,
much love x   

Friday, 21 October 2011


So I am well into my fourth week on the ABC diet, tomorrow is my 100 calorie day. Its going alright but tbh I'm struggling to find low calorie foods that I like so I am basically just sticking to 0cal jelly and celery - a balanced diet I know haha. I am seeing results but its just really slow atm. I am still to scared to weigh myself, which is just really shitting as I don't know how much weight I've lost or put on but my clothes are starting to get too big (yay!). If only they all get reaaalllly big then I'd have a perfect excuse to shop for new ones tehe. I thought I would feel really tired and lethargic on this diet but surprisingly I feel great. Somedays I have a bad spell and get slightly depressed but a can of SF red bull usually changes my mood :) Lately I've been super cold, everyone else is fine and I am absolutely freezing, I mean its only October it cant be that chilly right? Anyhow I've resorted to wearing four layers to school now, one including thermals; of course I hate this as it makes me look mega fat and chucky, but it beats being cold I guess :P Tomorrow I'm going into town with my mum to get a dress for my boyfriend's birthday, I'm soooo excited but I havent got a clue what to get. I want to look sexy and confident but not like trashy and cheap.  Hmmm...   

Monday, 17 October 2011

How many calories would you say are in Haribos?

My school's prom is coming up in January and my best friend is stressing as she hasnt found her dress yet, personally I'm not bothered as I plan to lose at least a stone and a half by then; well fingers crossed. I want to look pretty and slim and elegant, although I'd have to have hugeeee heels as I am a dotty 5ft 4. I am planninf to wear black as black is slimming and wont make me look to fat. Anyways I'm addicted to Haribos! The star mix, the tangfastics, any ones haha. I normally have a few a day and by a few I literally mean about 4, say about 40cals>? I add them to my calorie intake so it's hardly cheating, I think :P Lately no matter what I do, how much weight I think I've lost my thighs always stay the same damn size, I'm a 6/8 on top and a 10 on my legs! It looks really odd, I mean their quite toned but still so fat, I just wish they would shrink and be the same size as the top of my body. I'd lovee to be a cheerleader, I love dancing but as I live in Britain we dont really tend to have them over here which is preetty gutting. Had a pretty good day today, I ate one bowl of 50calls soup and Diet Coke, I really need to start drinking more water tho lol.