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Friday, 23 September 2011


All I ate today was two red peppers, 30calls each and a bowl of home made veg soup, about 300 calls. So I've approx eaten 360. Hope I start seeing results soon as I fear I might get discouraged :/ Unable to exercise atm due to being ill and my mother has strictly forbidden it until at least Monday. Really looking forward to seeing Jessie J at the end of next month, hope I've lost at least 5 pounds till then so I will be able to fit into my new dress. Have to go to my cousins birthday tomorrow, there's going to be lots of family members and lots of food, uh-oh. Just gotta stay focused on that dress and avoid questions, although I have the excuse that I have a stomach bug to fall back on if I stick to my diet. Then after that my best friend of ever is leaving to go to Uni on Monday so me and some of our mates are taking her out. So excited, just wish I could shift this bug so I can get back on track with exercising and doing some proper revision. Fab. 


  1. Let us know how the bday party goes! Hopefully you'll be able to wear the dress.