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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Personal Tips and Tricks:

These are just of few of some of my Tips and Tricks that have helped me loose weight in the past:
  1. GREEN TEA with just a squeeze of lemon juice, it's really healthy and helps boost your metabolism.
  2. Every month allow a "Cheat Day" where you let yourself eat more than you normally would and it will give your metabolism a boost and keep you motivated for the next month.
  3. Work out twice a day (if you have time), I do 20 minuets of the Bike in the morning and 40 minuets of the Cross Trainer in the afternoon. 
  4. If you do go off track and binge, just fast for the next two days and not weigh as you're mostly going to gain water weight so it won't be an accurate measurement. 
  5. Keep yourself busy! The more time your mind is occupied with other things, the less time you spend thinking about food.
  6. If you find yourself really craving those cookies in the cupboard throw them out! You're not going to go in the bin to get them back. 
  7. Buy an item of clothing two sizes too small and every time you feel a binge coming on, go and try them on.
  8.  On moments of weakness, close your eyes and imagine your self with your perfect body walking along the beach in the summer.

Sorry if any of these are wrong, they are just some personal ones that really help keep me motivated and on track. 

Hope everyone is well xx

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  1. I feel you, girl. My ways on staying on track are actually very similar-- well, maybe except for that cheat day, as I know I would consider it a huge binge afterwards and feel like I intentionally sabotaged my progress.

    Anyway, you're great! Keep on keeping on :)